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Hi everyone! Welcome to Mona Botanicals. I'm Iris Raabe, creator and maker of Mona Botanicals.

This organic herb infused skin care line is created out of the love and inspiration of my daughter Leia and nature. I've been always interested and passionate about Chinese medicine, herbalism and aroma. During my pregnancy I started to handmake skin care products for myself and my family. Starting from moisturizng soaps and body oil, I slowly developed the whole line of skin care products that is Mona. 

My original goal of living a holistic and conscious life style lead me to actively influence my family and friends by sharing information and introducing my handmade toxin free products and I eventually founded this line. I try my best to source organic or local wild harvested ingredients such as herbs, flowers, hydrosol and raw unfiltered honey. I'm committed to supporting local sustainable businesses and helping to cultivate healthy living attitudes.

Mona the brand name came from my daughter Leia's mouth when she was 18 month old. We took a walk after a light rain in springtime, and she saw a bunny stop on the grass. She was excited and exclaimed "MONA" which was her way of describing the animal. It was such a moment of purity and the innocent sound rang so true to me that I used this word for my brand representing the purity, love and amazingness of nature and our creations.

I hope you enjoy our products as much as we do and find pure beauty in the gifts of nature!






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